These ITIL Awareness Email Templates Will Get Your Team on the Same Page

Posted by Amanda Fairbrother Casteel on Sep 21, 2017 4:02:55 PM

Need to remind your staff to log their tickets?  Educate your staff on what to do when a customer calls them directly?  How about a refresher on the difference between an Incident and a Problem? These email templates will help you get the word out quickly and painlessly.

It’s difficult and time consuming to educate staff on best practices, so let us take that off your hands. These email templates are straightforward, Best Practice aligned, and useful across any IT organization - whether you're implementing ITIL for the first time or have some folks who need a little refresher. Happy sending!

Log your work!

Why would you want to do work and not get the credit for it? This email can be sent to Service Desk staff (or anyone in the department, really). It's meant to remind them just how important it is that they log their tickets.

logging tickets-2.png

When customers circumvent the Service Desk by calling IT Staff directly...

If you have members of your team who help customers that are circumventing the Service Desk, this is a great email to send to your department.

What to do when-3.png

What's the difference between Incident and Problem Management?

If Problem Management is new to your team, or some folks need a refresher, this email will help communicate the difference between an Incident and a Problem.

Incident vs problem-3.png

Incident, Service Request, or Problem?

This email reminds IT Staff members of the differences between Incidents, Requests, and Problems.


Ready to send these out yourself? Here's a customizable version - make it a perfect fit for your team.

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