Get to Know Our Insanely Talented ITSM Solutions Consultants

Posted by Lindsey Semon on Mar 17, 2017 3:06:39 PM

In a world teeming with ITSM Solutions Consultants, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, the visionaries from the worker bees, the Simons from the Garfunkels. Luckily, we keep a pulse on such matters, and are thrilled to share with you our list of the most imaginative, knowledgeable, marvelous ITSM Solutions Consultants to watch this year.

Director of Professional Services, Beyond20


Director of our professional services team, Andy rules with an iron fist (lie). He keeps our Cherwell developers happy and healthy, bravely stepping in to guide us through sometimes-rough terrain - all while maintaining a sense of levity (aided in large part by his southern accent, which is not his fault). Former ACIO of the University of Tennessee system, Andy's technical and theoretical experience has helped take our professional services team to the next level. Andy loves nature, as long as there's no direct threat to his life, runs reluctantly, and is a certified swim official.

Solutions Consultant, Beyond20


Hailing from Philly, Ari Stowe is an academically trained chemist who has been working with Cherwell for nearly a decade. He's responsible for some of Beyond20's most creative and technically challenging Cherwell mApps, including our DevOps integration. He's a former Cherwell Global Conference speaker, avid 3-D printer, and looks just exactly like Adam Sandler when he wears a hat (we should all be so lucky). 

Business Relationship Manager, Beyond20

After spending years as a Beyond20 Solutions Consultant, it became apparent that Dan Morgan's vast knowledge of Cherwell Software, paired with his unrelenting charm, would be best served by working with our customers as they plan their journey and determine which Cherwell customizations best fit their needs. A Phoenix transplant from his native Chicago, Dan runs like the wind in races across the country - Star Wars half marathon? Done. Disney half marathon? Also done. He also enjoys floating in space (unconfirmed).

Solutions Consultant, Beyond20


With nearly a decade of experience in IT Service Delivery and Operations, Christian excels in working with customers to translate their organizational needs into Cherwell processes. A talented graphic designer, Christian specializes in developing beautiful, easy-to use, Cherwell self-service portals. He also happens to specialize in theater - so if you're very nice to him, he might direct your play in addition to your Cherwell project.

Solutions Consultant, Beyond20


Georgia native and Air Force veteran, Larry Martin is your man for getting Cherwell projects done with speed, accuracy, and creativity. He has 16 years of driving ITIL-based service management adoption under his belt, builds a mean (and beautiful!) portal, and has undertaken unique builds such as utilizing XML Collections to build approvals for Cherwell teams with more than one manager (phew!). Larry also has ten years' experience as a raid leader in EverQuest and World of Warcraft, so beat that.

Service Delivery Manager, Beyond20


If you've never had a project run by Lauren Foiles, we feel sorry for you. She somehow manages to be no-nonsense and charming (a feat once thought impossible) - and gets Cherwell projects done on time, every time. She has several ITIL Intermediate certifications to her credit, giving her the deep Best Practice and technical knowledge necessary to see not only whether her projects are running smoothly, but if their end-goal is actually going to make our customers happy. While Lauren hates fun facts, she does love snacks, most notably pizza.

Solutions Consultant, Beyond20


Mark is a Renaissance man if there ever was one. In addition to being one of our most seasoned and technically gifted Solution Consultants, he has a rare talent for systems architecture and a knack for knowing everything about everything. Guitarist, urban farmer, literary critic, and former Naval Academy student, we suggest you make a bee-line should you see him at a cocktail party.

Solutions Consultant, Beyond20


Young gun, whiz kid, Cherwell developer extraordinaire, Robert's creativity and attention to detail has made him a mainstay of our professional services team. He's the author of technically challenging mApps such as our Bomgar PAM integration and has put in many hours building industry-leading multi-tenant Cherwell implementations. Robert has spent over 100 nights backpacking, during which he's come across a pack of wolverines (no, thank you) and tasted glacier water. He's also captained a pirate ship for 5 whole minutes (which, frankly, is why we hired him).