Continual Service Improvement Starts with a Great CSI Register

In that timeless battle between urgency and importance, urgency tends to win the day. It makes sense in a way – if your house is on fire, you’re probably not going to be too focused on replacing the roof at that exact moment. However, too much time spent on the urgent can leave you looking back at the end of the year, wondering where the time went, and coming to the sad realization that you never made time for those time-consuming-but-oh-so-important improvements. If you’re familiar with this particular rut, the good news is there are a few simple steps you can take to help shift the balance and focus more of your efforts on driving improvement.

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The ITIL Experiments, Vol. 2: Coffee Shop CSI

Joseph is on a mission - to find out just how far ITIL can stretch into his daily life. He's calling it "The ITIL Experiments" and we absolutely love it, so we're sharing it with you. We'll be keeping you posted weekly with his latest experiments. You can find Volume One here


Don't Save Change for Last

As service organizations mature, and Incident and Service Request Management start to jell, executive management begins to get very interested in Service Asset and Configuration Management.  And this is a very good thing.  Knowing what assets we have and can provide service for is a powerful thing.  It can drive increased budgets and resource allocation for IT, especially when we can point directly to how much time our staff spend on various CIs that might be obsolete or completely unused.  If any of us look around, I'm sure we could find a lot of servers doing very little, if any work, but because of their age they require a great deal of resources to keep them "green" on our Event Monitors.

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