How to Create an Effective IT Governance Policy

We are not the center of the universe.

I know – it hurts. But painful as it may be to some of us in IT, we must acknowledge it. True, today’s businesses are increasingly dependent upon us, but despite that, it’s important for us to keep in mind that we exist to support the organization. IT did not become so integral to the success of organizations because a CEO somewhere jolted out of bed one morning and said, “Wow, that IT stuff looks simple and fun. Let’s start doing it for no reason whatsoever!” Nope. The opposite is true: Over time, the business discovered it needed to accomplish certain tasks that relied on IT to function properly, so it was integrated. This reliance on IT will only continue to grow as time marches on – best to make it as painless as possible, no?

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Beyond Beans, the Anatomy of Enlightened IT Service Costing: The first and Second Partitions, the Heart and the Backbone

Dear Reader,

Into the blind world of IT costing we have now descended. Having learned about bean counting in our last journal, we delve deeper. Abandon me not! Rather, let me be your guide on this prickly journey.  Together, we will debase more metaphors and dissever the anatomy of enlightened IT Service Costing.

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Turning Strategy into Action: 4 Simple Steps

Too often, leadership goes off-site, discusses their goals for the year, and comes down the mountain with the stone tablets engraved with annual strategy. At least that’s how it looks to those who work for them. Either way, the best strategy in the world is no use if it never turns into action. “If we build it, they will come” does not apply in this case. Yet, too many organizations spend lots of time and effort trying to the get the strategy part “right” and don’t spend enough time on action. We create something that looks and sounds great. We might even put together a catchy tagline or mantra for teams to repeat - and if we’re feeling super fancy, have marketing draw up some supporting graphics.  

Et voilà!  Mission accomplished.  End of post.

Just kidding.

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