Which ITIL Process is most relevant to you?

There’s a nasty rumor going around that ITIL concepts only apply to people who work in IT Operations. The truth is (and I can tell you this with a great deal of confidence having taught ITIL -  Foundations through MALC - for almost 10 years), most people who take an ITIL course are surprised by how broad the scope really is. With that in mind, here’s a look at the roles (both in and outside of IT) that will find the most value from each part of an ITIL course. 

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Damn: What to do When ITIL Becomes a 4-Letter Word*

Your organization has “tried ITIL” and wasn’t successful. IT staff has been there and done that and found it didn’t work. That doesn’t mean IT Service Management concepts aren’t valid and helpful. It just wasn’t approached, for whatever reason, in the right way and there was a visible, painful failure.  Understandably, people don’t want to try it again. However, there is still hope. If you haven’t given up on how ITSM can help your organization get better, here are a couple of handy tips to help you be more successful in your efforts.


Where do You Start in Implementing all this ITIL Stuff?

If you’ve gotten any sort of ITIL training, you will have quickly realized that there are more than 25 ITIL processes, and the thought of trying to implement them all well (or at all) can instantly discourage any organization from even getting started.  Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be that way.  Here are our best tips for making progress and finding success with an IT Service Management implementation program.

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Four Essential Tips for Passing the ITIL Foundations Exam

Congrats on deciding to take the plunge and get ITIL Foundations certified! If it’s been a minute since you’ve sat for an exam, you may be a little anxious about the whole thing. Totally understandable. I’m here to rid you of those worries with these four time-tested tips to help you pass the ITIL Foundations exam on the first try.

Off we go!

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MythBusters: ITIL Edition

I’ve heard a lot of negative talk about ITIL over the years. Some say they tried it, it doesn’t work and it should die. Some say they tried to implement it, it didn’t work, and it should die. And some just say it should just die.

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