When ITIL Progress has Stalled: How to Take Improvement to the Next Level

SCENE: You’ve implemented a few ITIL processes; Incident, Problem, Change, Request, and a few other processes are doing pretty well. BUT! You’ve hit a wall. You’ve gone about as far as your internal expertise can take you and haven’t made much progress in a while. Now what?

Now, this:

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Continual Service Improvement Starts with a Great CSI Register

In that timeless battle between urgency and importance, urgency tends to win the day. It makes sense in a way – if your house is on fire, you’re probably not going to be too focused on replacing the roof at that exact moment. However, too much time spent on the urgent can leave you looking back at the end of the year, wondering where the time went, and coming to the sad realization that you never made time for those time-consuming-but-oh-so-important improvements. If you’re familiar with this particular rut, the good news is there are a few simple steps you can take to help shift the balance and focus more of your efforts on driving improvement.

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How to Go from Zero to ITIL in Six Months (Without Breaking a Sweat)

If your organization is looking to implement IT Service Management (ITSM) but doesn’t quite know where to start – fret not. If you’ve gotten started but fear you’ve veered off course a little – also fret not. You’ve all come to the right post! The below information is designed for new ITSM endeavors. It’s best served by tailoring it to your specific organization – but whatever your needs, the following will give you a great start.

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Debunking the "Lumbergh Effect": How to Make the Most of a Consulting Assessment

Jump with me into the Way Back Machine for a moment and take a ride back to 1999.  Remember the cult classic movie, “Office Space?”  A cadre of three friends conclude that “work sucks” when their officious boss, Bill Lumbergh, hires a duo of inept consultants to “improve” the software company.  The “Bobs,” as the two consultants are known, proceed to make all the wrong recommendations to downsize the firm.  I like to call it the “Lumbergh Effect” – when a bad boss hires even worse consultants for all the wrong reasons.  Is there any wonder the movie still resonates?  The two “Bobs” convey an element of truth when mediocre consultants are hired or when the wrong approach is taken to assessments.  But it does not have to be that way.  Read on to learn how to debunk the “Lumbergh Effect” and get the most out of a consulting assessment.

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Why a Beyond20 ITSM Assessment is Worth the Investment

So, you’ve made the decision to do an IT Service Management assessment (if you haven’t, read this), but how do you choose between vendors? We’ve got some ideas! The following is an incomprehensive list of things we think make our assessment the best – better than the competition, and worth the investment of your precious time and money.

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3 Benefits of Having a Third Party Assess Your Organization

Assessments are a tremendously effective way to take the pulse of your organization. When done well, they allow you to level-set, then continue to push the envelope and improve how your teams do work. Good ITSM assessments incorporate your organization’s goals and even provide a roadmap to help get you there from exactly where you are, making them a fantastic way to kick off a new initiative, or take a step back and evaluate an aging one.

A question we frequently hear regarding assessments is whether organizations should pay to bring in a third party to perform it, or simply assess themselves. While it may be less expensive to perform the assessment internally, there are a number of benefits you may be missing out on by doing so. Here, I’m going to run through a few of those benefits, as shared with us by our own assessment customers.

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