Debunking the "Lumbergh Effect": How to Make the Most of a Consulting Assessment

Jump with me into the Way Back Machine for a moment and take a ride back to 1999.  Remember the cult classic movie, “Office Space?”  A cadre of three friends conclude that “work sucks” when their officious boss, Bill Lumbergh, hires a duo of inept consultants to “improve” the software company.  The “Bobs,” as the two consultants are known, proceed to make all the wrong recommendations to downsize the firm.  I like to call it the “Lumbergh Effect” – when a bad boss hires even worse consultants for all the wrong reasons.  Is there any wonder the movie still resonates?  The two “Bobs” convey an element of truth when mediocre consultants are hired or when the wrong approach is taken to assessments.  But it does not have to be that way.  Read on to learn how to debunk the “Lumbergh Effect” and get the most out of a consulting assessment.

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Why a Beyond20 ITSM Assessment is Worth the Investment

So, you’ve made the decision to do an IT Service Management assessment (if you haven’t, read this), but how do you choose between vendors? We’ve got some ideas! The following is an incomprehensive list of things we think make our assessment the best – better than the competition, and worth the investment of your precious time and money.

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Two Ways to Get More ROI from a Training Class

One of the best things we consistently hear from customers is that they have enjoyed and learned a lot from our training courses. However, when we follow-up, sometimes we also hear things like my organization isn’t doing anything with it, I haven’t really been able to implement as much as I would like, or I wish we were doing more with it. Too often, organizations drop precious training dollars on getting an individual or two certified, only to completely neglect putting their knowledge to work after class.

So, what to do? Two simple steps are all you need to take in this situation to ensure your knowledge doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, but utilized to bring about lasting, positive change in your organization.

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