Leading an ITSM Implementation from the Middle

I had a few conversations with a student in an ITIL Foundations class I was teaching recently. He was an IT Operations Manger looking to implement ITIL in his organization. He’d been shopping around for Service Desk software and reviewed the offerings from the usual suspects in that area. However, two significant obstacles stood in his way:

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Why a Service Catalog Workshop is Worth the Investment

Let's start with a definition: What is a Service Catalog, anyway? I’ll keep this relatively brief because we have
roughly one thousand (lie) other blog posts on the matter. A Service Catalog is one place to store all information about all IT services. Be it a database, a website, or a document, the key here is to have ONE location where everyone – IT staff and customers - can access it.

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Downtime in the Delta: What an Airline's Major IT Disaster can Teach us about IT Service Continuity Management

Unless you are so wrapped up in the 2016 election cycle that you are not reading, hearing or seeing any other news, it is likely you are aware of Delta Airlines' IT outage early Monday morning. 

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